Moriati Media recruitment consultant KS considers the question - When is it time to move on?

    We all have bad days, or even bad weeks. But when those bad days are turning into constant bad weeks and bad months, maybe it's a sign that you need to start sniffing around for something new.

    If you've noticed feeling some of these things for at least a few months, you should consider if you really want to stay at your current job.

    Feeling a lack of passion and drive? Are you waking up on Monday morning dreading going into work and lying in bed on Sunday night thinking about how much you hate your job? Ideally your work should inspire passion and enthusiasm in you. At the very least your work environment should a be a place you actively enjoy being, somewhere where you can do what you want to be doing, not a place that that fills you with dread.Consider why you feel so negatively about your current situation. Are you just bored plain and simple? Do you want something more fun and exciting where you can learn new skills? Do you know for sure you won't be getting that at your current place of work?

    Sometimes it can happen to the best of us; you get into your work routine and know what you'll be doing day in and day out with nothing left to learn. We all want to learn new things and expand our knowledge and and evolve in our personal journeys. Everyone likes a new and exciting challenge.

    Is the business overall going downhill? Everyone leaving? Not a good sign.

    You want to be somewhere that is growing, not shrinking. Everyone wants to be a part of something amazing, somewhere where you can make a difference and bring something to the team and the company. Is your manager the most useless manager in the world? Are they unsupportive and not helping you grow? Your manager should be aiding you in your career, not putting obstacles in your way or ignoring you. You should be made to feel like a valid and important member of the company not matter what your job title, and you should definitely feel like you can ask your manager for help and guidance along the way.

    Perhaps you feel like nothing you do is ever enough even though you're the first person in the office in the morning and the last person out, responding to emails outside of office hours, arranging meetings, and definitely exceeding what you should be doing. Of course being pushed to do more is good, but there is a limit. You should be made to feel like you're doing well if you are and being rewarded and getting recognition for that hard work you put in.

    Not enough money? This is one of the most common reasons that a lot of people may move on from their roles. Living expenses in London are sky high and show no signs of abating. Everyone needs more money at some point, and if your current employer isn't willing to give you a pay rise even though you've been there a while and have been working your ass off, it's probably worth considering your options. Always make sure to have a chat with your manager regarding this, as if you don't ask, you'll never know.

    Are you feeling stressed and anxious all the time about work even when you're not in the office? A little bit of stress and pressure comes with a job, but it shouldn't be unrelenting and should never be unmanageable or adversely affect your health. You should be happy and enjoying what you're doing. If you're constantly thinking about work in a negative way, that isn't good for you or your colleagues. Don't be the person who stays in a role if you're feeling this way, there are bigger and better things out there and there are always other options to pursue. A job should never make you feel so stressed and anxious to the point where it is affecting your mental or physical wellbeing.

    No good work life balance? Are you getting up at 5:30am every day, and not getting home till 9pm? If you feel like the work life balance isn't right for you, maybe it's time to consider a new role where the hours and workload suit you better. You are the most important person in this process after all and your role should suit you not only everybody else. Work trends show the opportunity for more flexible working hours are now more popular than ever before.

    It's important to still have the time to live your life and do the things that make you happy and that you enjoy outside of the working day. Work isn't necessarily the most important thing in your life, but it does take up the majority of our time so make sure you're not wasting it by being miserable.

    Can't picture yourself in your current situation in 2 years? You should feel like you can grow within the company and know that there's room to hone your skills and move up the ladder. If you feel like you'll be stuck doing the same job forever and that you're not reaching your full potential, maybe it's a sign to go somewhere where there is a clearer path of progression for you and you can grow and develop yourself.

    One thing to remember is if you are feeling this way, then you will feel so good when you find that role that is perfect for you and where you'll be working on things you love and you're interested in. It may take a while, maybe you'll have a few disappointing interviews and it'll be tough. But when you sign on the dotted line and realise you've found your verve for life and enthusiasm for your new rule, it'll all be worth it!