Legacy: What does it mean in Media?

    Legacy: What does it mean in Media?

    Legacy. It's an interesting word. Not often one associated to the digital media space. It's more synonymous with the likes of monarchs, celebrities, heroes and athletes of days gone by. However, we are all the main character in our own story and by proxy are entitled to our legacy, whether it'll be remembered by the masses or not.

    The most direct and comparable example for me is sports, specifically Football. It's something I live and breathe. Football, in most recent years, is something that has forgotten legacy and malformed into a fickle sport, so it's the perfect stomping ground to play devils advocate.

    I'll ask you three questions.

    Can you name a one club player?

    If your answer is Lionel Messi, think of another one!

    With the club you support...what's the longest time a manager has been in charge?

    Manchester United fans and Arsenal fans...sit down. There are exceptions to any rule.

    What's more important to you? Success or loyalty?

    I think you may see what I'm going with here...

    Success Vs Job Satisfaction

    You are Alan Shearer. Fresh out of the academy (education) and ready to take on the world. After a few good years at Southampton (your first job) your value has been seen by the rest of the industry and now people are out to bring you into their organisation. A good side Blackburn Rovers (your stepping stone) come in for you and spend big money, offering you a sizable pay rise and a promise of longevity/glory. It's a four year spell here. The first year is shaky and it takes you a while to adjust but you stay afloat. The second year you come to life smashing your personal targets and breaking records left, right and centre (with a perfect hattrick!). The third year is the crème de la crème. You win it all and you win big. Everybody in the organisation knows you, you've defied expectations and managed to pry away the prize of the year from your biggest rival in the market. Can it get better than this? No. Sadly not. This is the peak. The following year isn't as good. You are still performing well and smashing targets but sadly the rest of the team are letting you down. You start to think...am I happy here anymore?

    You make a move. A move that's right for your career and your happiness to Newcastle. You move to a organisation that you've admired your entire life (the job you stay at until you retire) and it's safe to say things go well. You smash targets, you win personal accolades and even though you don't have the reach that you previously had into the market the team is consistent and you are happy. You play out your days here. You are a legend in the industry and a benchmark for young up and comers to aspire to.

    As I'm sure you are aware, I have so ham-fistedly compared Alan Shearer's footballing career to an idyllic career journey for the digital media space. Job satisfaction mattered most to Alan. He flirted with glory. He got a taste, but at the end of the day, he'd rather try and win it all with a company he believed in and loved rather than one that would bring him instant gratification, but work him to the bone and who he feels uninspired by.

    On the opposite side...You are Zlatan Ibrahimović. A legend in your own right but one who values success over loyalty. Some may call you an individualist but you don't care because you get results. You proclaim, "Zlatan doesn't do trials. Zlatan only closes.", and people find you enigmatic and eccentric. There's a buzz around you in the industry and you quickly move from your small organisation to an industry giant (Ajax). There is no easing in period, you continue your self-assured success until you attain all you can at your second job before moving to the heights of an even bigger industry monolith Juventus (your third job) which offers a huge platform to showcase your abilities as well as a sizeable pay rise (which doesn't hurt!). Your team wins big again for the next two years before you sense an opportunity with your team's direct rivals Inter Milan. Although you are cautioned against it you decide to forgo that and strike out with your gut instinct. It pays off. Even though people at your last job won't speak to you anymore you go on to four years of success, winning award after award and finally, the biggest organisation in the game comes in for you. Barcelona. The iconic offering that promises you prestige, trophies, exotic lands and high wages.

    This is the pinnacle in terms of when it comes to career gratification and esteem. From this point on the only thing that can entice you is further is money and the financial security of your long term future. After a couple of years at the top you move on again. This time for double your salary and the promise that you will be the main player at this new team, not just one talented cog amongst the many and your petition secured beyond a doubt. For years you are the star...but like all stars you start to fade and burnout. You make one last move in your career to another big club (Manchester United) who are struggling a little, counting on your experience to carry them back to the top. It doesn't quit work out as you or they had hoped, but you are loved and well paid.

    As stronghanded as my first attempt, I plotted the career path of a budding employee who values success over job satisfaction. At a lot of these clubs, Zlatan was unhappy, whether it was with his team mates or what the clubs were offering or arguing with his manager. Zlatan wanted to win. He wanted to succeed and he did. 33 trophies over the course of 16 years rivals even the best players in the world at the top division level he plays at. It's commendable! Iconic even, but lacks longevity.

    So let me ask you a fourth question. What's more important to you?

    The key thing to highlight is that both paths lead somewhere rewarding. Both of these players are legends and have laid down a tremendous legacy for others to chomp away at.

    Here at Moriati Media Recruitment we understand that each candidate is different with varying wants and needs. There are plenty of ways to compare employment to different walks of life. Media and Football have been doing a symbiotic tango for years so it's a natural comparison. The real crux of this post is that each candidate is unique. Your USP is that you are YOU. Whatever you may be, whether you may be a goal scorer, a playmaker, a legend in the making, a journey-gender-neutral-man or someone undervalued in the reserves looking for the chance to make their impact. You control your legacy. Whatever you are we have the foresight, empathy and market awareness to help you find the right move for you. Best thing? No bloody agents bogging up your move.

    So, please don't hesitate to get in touch with any of us over at Moriati. We know talent when we see it.